FAN control OMV Auyfan 0.10.12: gitlab-ci-linux-build-184, Kernel 5.6

  • Hey,

    I will do it in english, hope it is okay. Thanks, for very informative forum.

    My question is, is it possible to control the FAN in the newest OMV Auyfan 0.10.12: gitlab-ci-linux-build-184, Kernel 5.6?
    The install was very easy no problems at all, the only problem is i did try some different commands to reach the fan, but was not able to get it going. Do somebody know how? Thanks.

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  • Hi Soeren,

    I have this succesfully running.

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  • @mabs sagte in FAN control OMV Auyfan 0.10.12: gitlab-ci-linux-build-184, Kernel 5.6:

    Hi Soeren,

    I have this succesfully running.

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    Thanks, i will try the fan tool again. I'm almost sure i did try without luck, have you edited something in the fan tool conf..?

  • Hi,

    I only played with two parameters.

    I have two rockpro64 boards, currently one has a small fan and the other one has a large fan.

    Therefore I changed PROFILE_NR accordingly.

    Also I have ALWAYS_ON on true on the one with the large fan, but don't see a difference. The fan goes on and off still, maybe I misinterpreted the parameter.

    Also I just noticed now that the CTL settings of the version on github changed slightly, but I think this only improved the detection depending of the kernel settings.


  • @mabs

    With the new OMV kernel 5.6 image from Auyfan, i can't get the FAN to spin - If the fan spins it runs really slow, no sound from the fan.

    With the FAN tool the master installation "failed" and with the release installation it did report "active"..
    I have installed a 92mm FAN inside the NAS case, it runs on Armbian with kernel 5.4.32

    I will open op the case later today to be sure. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Now i did find the fan, here it goes "nano /sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm1" it is at "0" can be controlled to "255"

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  • Yes that is basically the way ATS is doing the changing as well I think, as those /sys entries are in the _CTL variables.

    good that you got it working, or are you only half way?


  • @mabs

    The tool works on all image under 5.4 or so for me. But yes i am at the finish line, just wanted the fan to be always on. Just wanted to share, if someone will run in the same problems. Thanks.

  • Helpful Thread!

    But, ATS don't work for me on kernel 5.6 with ayufan release. Only this command works.

    nano /sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm1

    Thanks @soerenderfor for the hint.

  • Ok, problem in ATS is this?

    -- FAN Control[ String ]
    	PWM_CTL		= {

  • @FrankM - did you try fix the ATS tool, if yes. Will it Work?

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  • Hi,

    since I'm currently change my rockpro64 setup I came across this.

    With the kernel from ayufan you need to set PWM_CTL to


    for my self compiled one I need


    But I got it only working with one entry for PWM_CTL e.g.

    PWM_CTL		= "/sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon0/pwm1",

    after that you need to start ats again

    sudo systemctl stop ats
    sudo systemctl start ats

    initially the fan should start immediately for a short period of time.

    In case it is even a different one on your kernel you can find the right one using this command.

    sudo find /sys -name pwm1 | grep hwmon

    So far I'm not sure which kernel parameter or modul changes this.