@FrankM sagte in Manjaro KDE Plasma 21.2.6:

Eines betrifft die Anordnung der Icons auf dem Desktop. Die Anordnung, die ich wähle, werden immer wieder geändert. Unschön, aber den Desktop nutze ich so gut wie gar nicht. Also kann ich auch auf den Fix warten.

Kann noch was dauern

Nate  /  März 4 This week in KDE: Plasma 6 begins This week in KDE: Plasma 6 begins

As has been reported in various other places already, this week the “master” branch of Plasma-aligned software repos have been ported to Qt 6. Work is ongoing, but the actual change-ove…

Desktop icons on the active activity should no longer inappropriately re-arrange themselves when the set of connected screens changes. However during the process of investigation, we discovered that the code for storing desktop file position is inherently problematic and in need of a fundamental rewrite just like we did for multi-screen arrangement in Plasma 5.27. This will be done for Plasma 6.0, and hopefully make Plasma’s long history of being bad about remembering desktop icon positions just that–history (Marco Martin, Plasma 5.27.3. Link)