• Den ich im SPI habe hat folgende Bezeichnung

    U-Boot 2020.01-01987-g335875f1f5 (Feb 01 2020 - 15:02:32 +0000)

    Quelle: https://github.com/sigmaris/u-boot/releases

  • Mal kurz in die Runde, der Wireguard funktioniert 🙂

  • 5.6.0-1128-ayufan released

    • ayufan: defconfig: enable SQUASHFS XZ and additional

  • 5.6.0-1130-ayufan released

    • ayufan: defconfig: adapt manjaro config

  • 5.6.0-1131-ayufan released
    5.6.0-1132-ayufan released

    • ayufan: defconfig: do not compress modules
    • ayufan: cdp: request dptx.alt.bin

  • 5.6.0-1133-ayufan released

    ayufan: drm: rockchip: add support for 1024x600@43

  • 5.6.0-1135-ayufan released

    • Revert "ayufan: cdp: request dptx.alt.bin"

  • 5.6.0-1136-ayufan released

    • nuumio: dts/pcie: add configurable delay before pcie bus scan (#18)

    (22:24:21) P64ProtocolBot: [D] <nuumio> ayufan: just made a pr if you'd like to merge workaround for crashing lsi sas adapters to your kernel. it's the same one i made for 4.2x kernels modified for 5.x

  • 5.6.0-1137-ayufan released

    • nuumio: rk defconfig: Add MPT3SAS driver for LSI MPT Fusion adapters (#19)

  • 5.6.0-1138-ayufan released

    • ayufan: dts: pinebook-pro: support more DP type-c docks