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    My second Python3 PyQT5 project

    The project is a UI for the Linux tool restic


    This project is quite far from perfect, but it helped me a lot to understand the world of Python3, VSCodium and gitlab a little bit.

    If it helps someone along the way as well, I'm glad. For questions and suggestions you can write me in my forum

    And now have fun with one of the best backup tools!


    • restic
    • python3
    • python3-venv
    • pyqt5
    • requests

    Functions Restic-UI

    Restic functions that are included in the UI

    • init
    • backup
    • mount
    • restore
    • snapshots
    • ls
    • check
    • unlock
    • stats
    • prune
    • version


    Install restic if not installed

    apt install restic
    restic self-update

    Clone Repository

    git clone https://gitlab.com/Bullet64/restic-ui-public.git

    Create env

    cd /home/USER/restic-ui-public
    python3 -m venv venv
    source venv/bin/activate

    Install dependencies

    pip install PyQt5
    pip install requests


    python3 restic_ui.py

    Known problems

    I am not really satisfied with the programming of the Add Backup, Edit Backup and Settings windows yet. I still have to optimize that.

    The password of a backup is currently stored in plain text! The password field is optional!

    Release is planned for the coming weekend

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