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    20.02.2 / 18.2.2020 Chiru


    [AR-46] - Support for single function run
    [AR-47] - Adding Docker shell support
    [AR-49] - Move sunxi kernel to 5.4.y
    [AR-79] - Check and adjust AUFS patch for 5.4.y
    [AR-80] - Move imx6 to 5.4.y
    [AR-81] - Enable Meson64 DEV at 5.4.y
    [AR-82] - Move Mvebu64 / Espressobin dev kernel to 5.4.y
    [AR-84] - Move rockchip64 current to 5.4.y
    [AR-85] - Adjusted Sunvell R69
    [AR-90] - Add support for Nanopi M4 v2
    [AR-92] - Enable stable MAC address from cpuid on rk3399
    [AR-96] - Update Xradio wireless driver
    [AR-97] - Tag supported builds properly at download pages
    [AR-98] - Enable missing Kuberenetes kernel dependency
    [AR-100] - Add Debian Bullseye and Ubuntu Focal
    [AR-112] - Enabled internal WLAN on RockPi S
    [AR-113] - Install wireguard tools only when selected
    [AR-114] - Enable audio codec on Orangepi Win
    [AR-115] - Add drivers for Realtek RTL8811CU and RTL8821C chipsets
    [AR-116] - Remove annoying debug message filling logs on 8189es
    [AR-117] - Add Pine H64 model B
    [AR-124] - Enable wireless on Rockpi-S
    [AR-127] - Refactoring wifi patches
    [AR-128] - Adding WIP support for Pinebook PRO
    [AR-129] - Move NanopiM4 V2 and Pine H64 under supported
    [AR-134] - Update AUFS version on Odroid XU4 and Nanopi Fire3/T3/T3+
    [AR-138] - Update RK3399 legacy kernel (Nanopi M4, T4, Neo4) to latest upstream version
    [AR-139] - Nanpi R1 - move primary serial console to ttyS1 which is on the chassis
    [AR-143] - Create OpenHab installation instructions for their official documentation
    [AR-146] - Update rockchip-legacy to most recent upstream kernel version
    [AR-147] - Enable analogue audio on Allwinner H6
    [AR-148] - [ mvebu-current ] Fix cpufreq (dynamic frequency scaling)
    [AR-149] - [ mvebu-current ] Fix pcie issues
    [AR-153] - Enable USB3 for Rock64/Renegade with RK3328 on mainline kernel
    [AR-154] - Add analogue audio driver to Allwinner H6
    [AR-155] - Enable Cedrus video acceleration support on Allwinner boards
    [AR-167] - Add upstream patches for Odroid XU4
    [AR-172] - USB3 Support for Rockchip


    [AR-74] - User patches directories not created
    [AR-76] - Rockchip64 missing CPU_MIN variable
    [AR-77] - Wrong board name variable for Orangepi RK 3399
    [AR-83] - Packaging patch broken for kernel 5.4.y
    [AR-86] - CPU freq scaling for H6 doesn't work in K5.4
    [AR-88] - Banana Pi M3 does not boot
    [AR-89] - Tinkerboard S doesn't start from eMMC
    [AR-91] - Broken Allwinner overlays
    [AR-94] - Espressobin v7 with 2gb of ram fail to boot
    [AR-102] - Missing packaging patch for Rockpis legacy kernel
    [AR-103] - PPA way of adding sources are failing on Ubuntu
    [AR-104] - 32bit rust compiler doesn't run new kernels
    [AR-105] - Orangepi Zero Plus 2 doesn't boot
    [AR-106] - Wireguard breaks building on 5.4.y
    [AR-107] - Improve compiler and rootfs download process
    [AR-110] - Missing Bionic image for Nanopi Neo Plus2
    [AR-111] - Some versions of Orangepi Win does not boot modern kernel
    [AR-118] - NanoPi M4V2 ethernet partialy broken in one side
    [AR-123] - OpenHAB2 installation is failing
    [AR-125] - Wireless driver for 8188EUS breaks on K4.14
    [AR-126] - Nanopi M3/Fire3/PC3 compilation breaks
    [AR-130] - Instability with various A64 boards
    [AR-131] - Add support for 3rd version of Pinebook A64 panel
    [AR-133] - Odroid XU4 legacy kernel images instability
    [AR-141] - Odroid XU4 current with kernel 5.4.y seems unstable
    [AR-142] - Cryptsetup disk encryption build feature broken
    [AR-144] - Tinkerboard break booting
    [AR-145] - Missing HDMI audio on H3 boards
    [AR-152] - Display issues with Bionic Mesa update
    [AR-164] - Htop package does not build in qemu under Ubuntu Focal 20.04
    [AR-166] - Rootfs cache number creates a window of 12h when users are forced to rebuild cache
    [AR-170] - Wireless not connecting for SBCs
    [AR-171] - Fix broken loading process on MiQi
    [AR-173] - Fix makefile of kernel headers 4.4.210 for rk3399
    [AR-174] - Teres Keyboard Not Working


    [AR-48] - Bump u-boot to 2020.01 on RK3399 boards
    [AR-156] - WIP orangepi 4 preliminary support


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