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    Finished projects

    [AR-45] - Make first login more user friendly
    [AR-71] - Create a document: How we will use Jira
    [AR-182] - Unify / merge kernel configs
    [AR-201] - Introduce CI autotest facility
    [AR-227] - Move Espressobin current to K5.6
    [AR-313] - Ability to work in offline mode
    [AR-320] - Initial support for Rockpi E
    [AR-324] - Add Rockchip RK322X SoC support
    [AR-328] - Meson64 move current to 5.7.y
    [AR-329] - Switch sunxi dev target to kernel 5.7
    [AR-331] - Enable kernel boot splash as an option
    [AR-335] - Improve patch making
    [AR-392] - Add Odroid N2+
    [AR-402] - Add Helios64

    Solved bugs

    [AR-282] - Rockpi 4B 1Gb doesn't boot modern kernel / u-boot
    [AR-295] - Odroid C2: no more USB devices after upgrade
    [AR-298] - Missing default SElinux policy
    [AR-303] - Create a download page for BPI M2 zero
    [AR-305] - K-worker creates load on Allwinner devices
    [AR-319] - Armbian config failed to switch kernels
    [AR-330] - Shell check bugs
    [AR-332] - When making all kernels - building sometimes fails
    [AR-337] - Odroid XU4 Memcopy Slow on all Kernel 5.x 80MB/sec instead of 370+MB/sec
    [AR-338] - Bananapi R2 does not boot at all
    [AR-340] - Fix WiFi on Nanopi M4V2
    [AR-348] - Confirm RK3399 TcpOffloading bug
    [AR-352] - Fix Random MAC on H3 boards
    [AR-354] - Support User Provided EDID Firmware
    [AR-355] - backport Linux v5.8 fbtft/fb_st7789v invert colors, proper gamma
    [AR-356] - Building multiple u-boot targets breaks
    [AR-371] - CPU frequency scaling broken on H6
    [AR-378] - Increase address room for initial ramdisk
    [AR-381] - selinux-policy-default missing on Debian Bullseye
    [AR-393] - Ask for setting locale at first run

    Closed tasks

    [AR-28] - Added new GCC compilers
    [AR-225] - Introduce PACKAGE_LIST for BOARD and FAMILY
    [AR-300] - Enable HDMI audio for OrangePi 4
    [AR-317] - Move Odroid XU4 dev to mainline + patches
    [AR-318] - Upgrade Odroid XU4 legacy kernel
    [AR-321] - Upgrade Meson (C1) current to 5.7.y
    [AR-323] - Allow install to SD NAND for Rockpi S
    [AR-326] - Make USB3 support of ROCK Pi E on par with other rk3328 boards
    [AR-327] - Bump imx6 current kernel to 5.7.y
    [AR-333] - Update Odroid XU4 kernels
    [AR-334] - Cleanup boot environment files
    [AR-336] - Add support for cheap 2.5GB USB network dongles
    [AR-341] - Follow-up N2 CPU Affinity
    [AR-349] - Update mainline u-boot to v2020.07 for rockchip64 and rk3399
    [AR-357] - IRQ affinity improvements for G12B
    [AR-358] - Added initial support for Neo 3
    [AR-361] - Update Odroid XU4 boot.ini
    [AR-362] - HDMI sound support for Allwinner A10, A20, A31
    [AR-364] - Change sunxi legacy to 5.4.y, current to 5.7.y
    [AR-366] - Move rockchip/64 current to 5.7.y
    [AR-383] - Upgrades for Tapatalk plugin
    [AR-389] - Add PACKAGE_LIST_BOARD_REMOVE option

    Quelle: https://www.armbian.com/newsflash/armbian-20-08-caple/

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